Lasting for the long term is the main goal of any business. Who would not want it? You want that to be the case for your company, the one you fight for and sweat blood and water? So apply our 8 tips, which will be useful throughout your entrepreneurial adventure.

Customer satisfaction must – always – be your priority

After all, customers are the ones who run your business. Customer satisfaction must be an obsession for you and your teams. Money calls money; customers call customers, and a satisfied customer is a customer who speaks – well – about you and your products / services. For the right business standard this is important.

Stay close to your teams

Do you run a business? This is not a reason to cut you off. Stay open to suggestions from your teams, often very practical and concrete. Communicate with them, meet them. So your decisions will be more likely to generate revenue.

Check that you always meet a need

To sell, your business must meet a concrete need. She must not seek to create it. If that’s the case, there’s a problem somewhere … and your business will not be over the winter. Regularly make a point to assess the level of demand that may concern you to ensure that there is always material to sell.

Learn to adapt to the market

Markets evolve very fast, often in line with technological innovations. “Adaptability” must be your watchword. This implies devoting a significant part of your budget to R & D. It is at this price that you will know how to meet the new requirements of the customers.

Know how to see big … or small

In short, be realistic. It is useless to try to develop at any price in the United States if the demand is not there. In the same way, being afraid to go see what is happening in Germany when all sighted are green would be a real waste of time. Find out, discuss with other entrepreneurs.

Open to your ecosystem

This advice follows, as you will understand, from the previous one. A company can not last in the long term if it lives in autarky. Exchange, network, establish links – commercial for example – … In short, make your company live in its ecosystem.

Be rigorous

Rigor is not, in entrepreneurial terms, a dirty word. Keep all your documents, file them, archive them. Make your accountant your best friend. You never know, in case of control of the URSSAF, you will be glad not to run after a large bill.

Do not be afraid to evolve

The history of big companies is made of changes of capes, new productsand innovation. Did you know, for example, that Nintendo, one of the leaders in the video game industry, started selling cards? If your products run out of steam, do not hesitate to take a new direction to revolutionize everything. Who knows where this can lead you.

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